Collision Repair

Restoring your vehicle back to normal
Has your vehicle recently been in an accident and sustained damage to its exterior? At Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings, we specialize in in body work and will have the damage fixed in no time.
No matter which make or model vehicle you have, your business is always welcomed at our shop. All of the parts we use come with the manufacturer warranty. We're the only shop in our area which provides reliable auto body and paint services at affordable rates. We take great pride in what we do, and we always stand behind our work.
Providing you with efficient service
Our goal from day one is to restore your vehicle back to its pre-wrecked condition and to provide you with long lasting, safe, and reliable repairs.
Quality repairs to get you back on the road
  • Glass replacement

  • Bumper repair or replacement

  • Frame bending

  • Fiberglass and plastic restoration

  • Expert in-house color matching

  • All makes and models

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Collision Repair


Working with you every step of the way
By law, you have the right to choose the repair shop of your choice. Do not let any insurance company steer you or tell you where your car will be going for repairs.
At Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings, we will work with any insurance carrier you may have and will be in contact with you and your insurance company throughout the process.
Accepting all insurance carriers
Get the repairs your car requires
Our staff will work with your adjustor to ensure that all repairs and damages are accounted for. Though we can only estimate the damages that are visible, any other related damages, once, discovered, will be handled through a supplement process.

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Paint Process

Immaculate paint job for your beloved vehicle
Give your car a fresh look by bringing it to Ben’s Body and Paint for a stunning new paint job. We only use the best BASF Onyx paint and materials to ensure a perfect coat every time.
Using BASF’s industry leading technology allows for a beautiful paint finish that meets all OEM standards, while still giving an accurate color match to your existing paint. Their clear coats offer superior UV protection, gloss levels, and durability.
The perks of our paint service
In order to better serve as many customers as possible, Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings will work on all makes and models of automobiles. Additionally, we work with all insurances and warrants are offered depending on the insurance and manufacturer.
Paint care tips
  • Do not put wax to fresh paint for 3 months

  • Wash your vehicle on a regular basis

  • Clean all brushes, wash mitts, and chamois prior to use

  • Spot-test all interior cleaners

  • Wax on a 3 month schedule to maintain an excellent gloss level

  • Never wash or wax a hot car or one in direct sunlight

  • Use products designed for the task at hand


Our paint services are second to none in the area.

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Paint Process

Detailing and Buffing

Get a thorough cleaning from the professionals
Nowhere else will you find such experienced staff who understands your paint and detailing needs better than a body shop. At Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings, we will sand the scratches and buff the paint back to a shine.
Although the charge for these services varies depending on the size and condition of the vehicle, you will find that our results are the same time after time.
Let us make your car look like new
You will receive the best processes and products to detail the interior and exterior of your car. Your vehicle is an investment; therefore it should be treated as such. Let the professionals have your entire car looking as brand new as the day you bought it.
Complete and professional detailing
  • Swirl-free wax finishes

  • Paint conditioning

  • Tire cleaning and polishing

  • High speed buffing

  • Hand drying

  • Seat cleaning


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Detailing and Buffing

Headlight Restoration

Ensure safe visibility on the road for yourself and others
If not properly attended to, your headlights could become cloudy and yellowed. This is not only unattractive on your vehicle, but it could create potential dangers for you or other drivers.
When headlights become foggy or cloudy, they reduce the illumination factor for night driving. These conditions could be dangerous as you cannot see and others cannot see you.
Get long lasting results for your headlights
Depending on the make or model, headlights could range between $100 up to $2000. By keeping up with your headlight restoration, you will save yourself money and increase your visibility. In most cases, the headlights themselves are still good to use, it is simply the lens that is cloudy and needs attention. Reach Ben’s Body and Paint of Giddings for quality headlight restoration services.
Benefits of a quality restoration
  • Hazy, yellowish, dull or cloudy headlights can look as good as new

  • Increase the lifespan of your headlights

  • Improves sight distance

  • Safer driving conditions

  • Improves your lights efficiency

  • Improves vehicle appearance


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Headlight Restoration